About Our Legal Clinic

The Sudbury Community Legal Clinic was founded in 1979 by the Sudbury labour movement. It is a non-profit organization run by a local Board of Directors and funded by Legal Aid Ontario.

We can:

  • give you legal advice
  • represent you at some tribunals and courts
  • refer you to other agencies when we can’t help

We also give legal information sessions for members of the public and other community agencies. We always work to improve the laws that affect low income people in Ontario with our community partners.

A community-based board of directors is responsible for setting the strategy and providing oversight for our community legal clinic.

Residents of the District of Sudbury who are over 18 years of age may apply to become members of the Legal Clinic. Members may participate in the Annual General Meeting. There is an annual membership fee of $5. To become a member, please contact the clinic for more information.